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At Kingfisher Safaris we love the luxury but the experience needs to come with this too and whether your accommodation is a luxury lodge or basic camping we know your experience with us will be thoughtful, respectful and full of personality with the authenticity of more than 20 years of experience.

Luxury Safaris

Adventure Safaris

Africa has some incredible places to visit and you can spend your time searching these wild places staying in some of the world's most luxurious accommodation. 

Take an adventure into the heart of Wild Africa in search of the animals it is famous for. Camping Safaris with superb activities that make you feel like you're in luxury.

Join us in Africa for unique, cultured and individually curated experiences using our founder's and local guides' intimate knowledge of the wildlife and accommodation of this wildest of continents. Here we have some examples of our favourite journeys, all which can be developed directly for your needs. 


Botswana's Wildlife Under Canvas

Have one of the most immersive safari experiences and see the incredible wildlife staying in our fully-serviced, fully inclusive mobile tents. Guided by one of Africa's best guides, Pilot Manga, the remote campsites are something truly remarkable and truly wild. 


A phone call is best so get in touch but email works well too. We'll speak soon!


We'll design your very own, bespoke safari and give the best advice available.


Make your booking, pack your camera and we'll be on hand 24/7.

Find your ultimate accommodation and get in touch to book your own, personal, bespoke itinerary designed exclusively for you. This part of our site is designed to help you find those accommodations that really suit your style of travel and we can then put together your individual, perfect trip.




South Africa


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