• Martin Smith

The best amount of time

How long should I stay in one area?

The minefield of booking a safari with a multitude of options across the web, a lot of companies will be offering 2 nights in one location in 4 or more different locations. For an authentic experience this is a big mistake as you will constantly be on the move with only one full day to explore an area that, no doubt, will be teeming with wildlife.

A minimum of 3 nights in each location is definitely recommended and any good guide will show you the benefits of this when some of those most cherished sightings come with the care and attention of a guide who knows they can take their time to find that special opportunity.

Africa is vast and there is always more to see and explore so don't try to do too much on one trip and use your time wisely.

A Leopard in the Khwai area of Botswana after crossing a channel of the Okavango, a very rare sighting.



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