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Why go mobile?

In the past a mobile safari has been looked upon as a poor substitute in comparison to a Luxury Lodge Safari. At Kingfisher Safaris we believe there is nothing better than visiting Botswana on one of these mobile safaris for the following reasons:

1. Go where you want, when you want

While some safari operators offer set-date departure trips all our own mobile safaris are bespoke and private giving you access to your guide and staff at your discretion. This leaves you without compromise and the ability to explore an area (within the rules of the national park) as you wish.

2. Private Guide

Booking one of our private mobile safaris means you get your guide and vehicle just to yourself allowing you to indulge your passions without interruption from other safari goers who may just be focused on one species. alternatively it gives you the opportunity to focus on one species and not to have to worry about others on shared activities.

3. Remote Campsites

All the campsites we use on our mobile safaris are truly wild and remote. Set within the National Parks these campsites are private to your group and so remote that there are no fences and you wouldn't even know they were there if you stumbled upon one.

4. Immersive Experience

With the nature of the campsites being in remote areas with no-one else around you will feel alone with nature giving you a much, much more immersive experience than you can get in a Luxury Lodge that can make you feel detached from your incredible surroundings.

5. Botswana's National Parks

While the rules within the national parks, in comparison to the private surrounding concessions, are more restrictive this in now way impinges on the experience. No you can't go 'off-road' but you rarely need to do this, even in the private areas and in the protected national parks you can still get up really close to the animals for that special photograph and experience. Botswana's national parks are protected for future generations and by visiting them you are actively ensuring their survival and directly contributing to conservation.

6. Accommodation

No, our tents are not luxury but they are incredibly comfortable with everything you need to have a trip of a lifetime. with ensuite bush toilets and bucket showers and all inclusive rates you can just turn up and have a truly wild experience with one Africa's premier Guides.

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