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Chikoko Tree Camp

Inside National Park


From US$625

Lodge Description

"Experiencing the bush at nature’s pace”

Chikoko Trails incorporates two small and exclusive bush camps, Chikoko Tree Camp and Crocodile River Camp, from which unparalleled walking safaris are offered, strolling from camp to camp. Located on the west bank in the South Luangwa National Park, a few kilometres upstream from parent camp Tafika, Chikoko and Crocodile are only accessible on foot and offer a fantastic bush experience – being immersed in the idyll of remotest Africa. On foot, the minutiae of the bush come to the fore: the smells; the essence of the macro world and a sense of timelessness. On foot, biggest herbivores become gentle giants as giraffes and elephants tower over you and buffaloes are now on eye level. The Luangwa's predators now become the prey as you track lions prints from the night before. It is the realness of the experience, that dash of adrenaline associated with standing downwind of an elephant and catching its unmistakable scent that make walking safaris unforgettable.

The walks follow well-worn elephant and hippo trails, not to mention the original footsteps of David Livingstone, through the Luangwa Valley. Here guests tread through the African bush alongside the wildlife - accompanied by an experienced guide, an armed National Park scout and a tea bearer. It is an experience that is liberating and unforgettable.

Morning walks are four hours long, starting early to avoid the heat of the day and stopping frequently for the guide to share the secrets of the bush. Midway, the accompanying tea-bearer conjures up a welcome cup of fresh tea or coffee with a sweet treat. Afternoon walks are shorter and leave camp after tea at 15:30, returning to camp before dusk. Although the landscape is generally flat the paths can be uneven, so lightweight, comfortable walking shoes are recommended. Natural coloured clothing is also necessary for blending into the bush.

Each intimate camp offers accommodation for a maximum of six guests in refreshingly simple, grass-walled chalets with en suite flush toilets and showers. Hot water is provided for evening showers and upon request.

All luggage and supplies are transported by porters, enabling guests to relax and enjoy their walking safari with just their water bottle, binos and camera in hand.

To make the most of the Remote Africa Safaris walking safari adventure it is suggested that guests spend two to three nights at each camp.

Chikoko Tree Camp
Chikoko Tree Camp is situated 8km upstream from Tafika. Here three chalets are raised above the ground ensuring that they sit, rather romantically, within the surrounding tree canopies. The ground floor is the bathroom area and stairs alongside the chalet lead up to the bedroom area on the raised platform.

The Chikoko Tree Camp's uniquely raised en-suite chalets enhance the views of the spectacular surrounding acacia grove, the array of wildlife that frequent it and the associated wildlife activity that unfolds throughout the day.

Trails Highlights
• Max 6 people per walk
• No roads or vehicles
• Area only accessible by foot
• Cross the river via canoe to access the trails
• Safari showers open to the stars
• Everything is carried in by porters
• In-camp / arm chair viewing (Best from Sep.)
• Hotspot for eland, roan, kudu, elephant, giraffe, wild dog, lion, warthog, hippo, crocodile

Chikoko Highlights
• Tree house with open plan view
• First walking camp site in the Luangwa chosen by Normal Carr
• Near David Livingstone’s river crossing – Perekani
• On the edge of Acacia park

Quick Facts
• Solar communal charging area (220V)
• Solar fans
• No Wi-fi
• Natural materials and local skills
• True walking safaris, Natural fire making skills


Remote Africa Safaris

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Semi-Permanent Tented Camp






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Mfuwe Airstrip


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Walking Safaris

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