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About Kingfisher Safaris

The Only Welsh Safari Company

Based in North Wales in the UK, Kingfisher Safaris is the only company offering solely Africa-based wildlife experiences to be based in Wales. 

Just like our African journeys we also live in a wild area with mountains, seas and forests all within close range.

African Destinations

If you want to go to Africa to see wildlife then you need to travel with us. Our Experience and contacts gives us a superb insight into what is available to see and do across the African continent. We specialise in Botswana where we have our own Mobile Safaris but we can take you to most wildlife locations. We are also represented on

Local Support

Not only do we operate in Africa as well as send our guests to some of the best Lodges, we also have a vast support network of local people. Where we can we support local businesses run by Africans so that your money goes into the hands of those that need it the most and those funds often support many more people than you might imagine

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