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Adventure Safaris

Africa has some incredible places to visit and you can spend your time searching these wild places staying in some incredible places right in the heart of the action.

Botswana Mobile Safaris

Remote, Pristine and Wild

Botswana has the reputation for being the most luxurious destination in Africa and it's all true. With some of the best wildlife on the continent this complements the stunning accommodation in places that will vastly exceed your expectations.  

Zimbabwe Canoe and Walking Safaris

Stunning National Parks

Zimbabwe has some of the best destinations in Africa with Hwange National Park and Mana Pools National Park being two of the best. The Zambezi River makes for an adventure both in Victoria Falls and Mana Pools. Superb wildlife, superb accommodation and stunning service. 

Namibia Mobile & Overland Safaris

Desert, Ocean & Wildlife

Namibia is like no other country. This fascinating place of Desert, Dune, Mountains and Sea is wondrous to behold as you follow desert Elephants through ravines on their endless quest to find hidden water or search for Dolphins in the Atlantic Ocean. No other desert creeps up to the Sea in the way the Skeleton Coast does, slowly shifting on the winds with the shipwrecked leviathans peering up at the enormous backdrop of desert dunes. In contrast the lush vegetation of Etosha and the Waterberg give the traveller a fantastic insight into this country, this continent, Africa.

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