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Zimbabwe Luxury Safaris

Zimbabwe boasts captivating destinations and remarkable wildlife havens, with highlights including Hwange National Park, Mana Pools National Park, Matusadona National Park, and Matobo Hills National Park.

Renowned for its adventurous spirit, both on and off safari, Zimbabwe is home to the world-famous Victoria Falls, often referred to as the adrenaline capital of Africa. Here, you can navigate the rapids of the Zambezi, engage in a thrilling bungee jump from the bridge just below the Falls, experience a gorge swing across the landscape's impressive scar created by the mighty river, and partake in various other exhilarating activities.

As a preferred destination for walking safaris, Zimbabwe also offers the opportunity to canoe the Zambezi in Mana Pools National Park, miles downstream from the Falls. The journey starts below the Kariba Dam, extending into Mozambique if you so desire.

In essence, Zimbabwe is a realm of adventure, wilderness, diversity, and extraordinary beauty, providing an array of unique experiences for those seeking unparalleled luxury, dining under the magnificent African night sky, or simply camping in the heart of the bush.

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