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Imagine a place where you can glide through the African bush on a dugout canoe listening to the snort of a Hippo, track Elephants on foot and approach close enough to smell them; or watch a pack of Wild Dogs devour their prey close up from a Game Drive Vehicle.

This is what Botswana is about. It is wild, remote, diverse and extremely beautiful. The opportunity for unique experiences is like no other Safari destination; whether you want to experience unparalleled Luxury, Dine under the magnificent African night sky or simply camp in the Bush.

An amazing 17% of Botswana has been set aside as National Parks and alongside these parks are vast areas of private concessions where you can enjoy wild Africa in exclusive surroundings with virtually no one else around.



Zimbabwe has some fantastic places to visit and some great wildlife destinations. Hwange National Park, Mana Pools National Park, Matusadona National Park and Motobo Hills National Park are but a few of these stunning places.

Zimbabwe is also known as an adventurous destination both on and off safari. The world famous Victoria Falls is the adrenaline capital of Africa where you run the rapids on the Zambezi, bungee jump off the bridge just below the Falls, take a gorge swing across the scar in the landscape caused by this mighty river and many more.

Known as a great destination for walking safaris you can also canoe the Zambezi in Mana Pools National Park, many miles downriver from the Falls, starting below the Kariba Dam and continuing on into Mozambique should you wish.



Namibia is like no other country. This fascinating place of Desert, Dune, Mountains and Sea is wondrous to behold as you follow desert Elephants through ravines on their endless quest to find hidden water or search for Dolphins in the Atlantic Ocean.


No other desert creeps up to the Sea in the way the Skeleton Coast does, slowly shifting on the winds with the shipwrecked leviathans peering up at the enormous backdrop of desert dunes. In contrast the lush vegetation of Etosha and the Waterberg give the traveller a fantastic insight into this country, this continent, Africa.



Zambia is regarded by many as one of the last true wildernesses and this continent's greatest secret.

From the mighty Victoria Falls to the world renowned National Parks of the Luangwa and Zambezi Valleys there are incredible opportunities to explore and a vast range of habitats, species, terrain and natural wonders.


Visitor numbers are small - Zambia is not on the main ‘tourist trail’. Her vast areas of pristine wilderness have remained unchanged for millennia and the opportunity to explore these areas and to see the wildlife that inhabits them without having to share the experience with too many others is a privilege hard to find these days.


South Africa

This astonishing country has some of the most amazing outdoor experiences in Africa. From the empty beaches of the Eastern Cape to the arid Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, the contrast of experiences in South Africa is rivalled by nowhere else in Africa.


Its world famous national parks are very accessible for those who want to limit their budget, giving many self-drive and guided options in all of them. South Africa has many private game reserves as well giving fantastic luxury accommodation and almost guaranteed Big 5 sightings.

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