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Mwamba Bush Camp

Inside National Park


From US$785

Lodge Description

Mwamba, Shenton Safaris’ exclusive bush camp, is the epitome of Derek’s ethos. He created the camp on a poachers campsite in 1995 to push poaching out of the surrounding area. Mwamba has strong roots in Derek’s belief of conservation through tourism. Here, four chalets sit idyllically along the Mwamba River that dries out as the season progresses. The relaxed and rustic designs of Mwamba with hidden luxury items make you at home in the bush, every aspect of camp life is finely tuned to the Shenton’s family rhythm. A truly unique safari experience.

Africa’s Best Place to Hide
Mwamba means heaven in the local Nyanja language, and once you set foot in this incredible camp, you’ll see why. From initially hiding poachers until Derek pushed them out of the area, to being the location of Shenton Safaris’ most famous hide, Mwamba is truly Africa’s Best Place to Hide.

Once a hiding spot for poachers, Derek had the vision to develop a bush camp on this site to ensure the safety of the wildlife in our surrounding areas – so Mwamba was born.

Mwamba is the location of one of Shenton Safaris’ most famous hides, the Last Waterhole Hide, and is truly Africa’s Best Place to Hide in more ways than one!

Set on the banks of the Mwamba River, the site has four chalets uniquely designed with soaring skylights allowing you to experience sleeping under the stars. These reed and thatch ensuite bungalows also have solar fans and lighting, outdoor flush toilets, plumbed cold water and hot water bucket showers. The bush-style “chitenge” is set under the deep shade of huge ebony trees. A spectacular sunset viewing point on top of a large termite mound and a glowing campfire under the stars completes the camp’s friendly and personal atmosphere.

Mwamba’s chalets are created with interwoven bamboo walls and thatch roofing and have a viewing deck over the dry Mwamba River and complete private outdoor ensuite bathroom. All are accessed by a path network that runs behind the chalets to maximise privacy. All share in the rustic simplicity of the design of the camp with beautiful copper accents.

Large fly-wired skylights provide incredible views of the night sky, and the complete absence of generator noise (we’re big fans of solar power) means nothing but the wild Zambian night with leopard calls, lions roars or the incredible owls that visit regularly.

The outdoor bathrooms are a truly stunning addition to your safari experience, with each chalet taking its name from the surrounding flora. Gardenia, Fig, Ebony and Sausage all have incredible outdoor showers immersed into the wild.

Guests can enjoy the private access to Mwamba’s in-camp hide, the Last Waterhole Hide, just a short walking distance from all chalets.

• Mwamba runs on 100% solar power.
• The camp has 24/7 lighting.
• All chalets have an outdoor shower.
• All chalets have a lockbox.
• All beds have mosquito nets.
• All water is pumped from our very own underground springwater source and is extremely safe to drink.
• Each chalet has charging stations equipped with international adaptors, that run 24/7.
• With plumbed cold water, the hot water is delivered in bucket showers. All hot water is heated with slow-burning, fallen wood. We cut no trees.
• We pride ourselves on being a wifi-free location, come to us to disconnect.

At Mwamba, you have the chance to spend the night on our Numbu Star Bed, set in a wide-open savannah plain. You will sleep in a very comfortable bed while listening to the nocturnal noises of the African bush. The Numbu Star Bed is an exceptional add-on to your safari experience with Shenton Safaris, immersing you into the wild night. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, a birthday, or just looking to spend a night where only a mosquito net separates you from the night sky. We highly recommend the Numbu Star Bed on nights with a new moon for the incredible view of the starry sky, but it is just as unbelievable on a full moon to see Numbu Plains flooded with moonlight, you never know what you’ll get to see!

The Numbu Star Bed is exclusive to guests staying at Mwamba and is a 15-minute drive from Mwamba. The sleeping platform is beautifully set with a queen-sized bed, warm duvet, washing basin, lanterns and a large mosquito net. A bush toilet (long drop) is available on the ground, under the platform. An armed scout and a guide will spend the night in a nearby boma and will be equipped with a radio, in case of a change of heart. Belongings are kept in your chalet and you are encouraged to take essential toiletries to the Star Bed.


Shenton Safaris

Lodge Details

Property Type

Semi-Permanent Tented Camp






Max. clients in vehicle


Mfuwe Airstrip



Activities Included

Day + night game drives, Walking safaris, Boating safaris (seasonal), Sleepout Under the Stars

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