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Central Kalahari Game Reserve

The Central Kalahari Game Reserve is vast and often described as the size of Switzerland. As the name suggests most of this area is covered by the Kalahari Desert and as such the vegetation is stunted and only certain adapted species can survive all year round in this arid place. As the annual rains come the Park is transformed into vast plains of grass that become a real attraction for the herbivores from miles around, particularly the Zebra. In fact at this time of the year Botswana sees the second largest animal land migration in Africa as the Zebra Migration heads to this most remote of Parks. This migration also attracts the Predators as the famous Black-Maned Lions of the Kalahari fill their stomachs on this annual bounty.


There are a few luxury lodges inside the Park and a few on its borders but the best way to see the stunning landscapes is on a mobile safari. This allows you to follow the wildlife and not be based in just one area and get those special sightings when no one else is around.

Classic Camps - Most Affordable

Luxury Camps - Mid-Range Luxury

Premier Camp - High-End Luxury

Family Camp - Focussed on families and couples

Exclusive - Camps booked on an exclusive basis with private activities

Rates are per person, per night (Exclusive is per camp, per night) sharing during the low season and exclude any transfers. Payment is accepted in £Sterling and €uro's at the current exchange rates. Children receive a discount which varies depending on season and operator. Please get in touch for a full, bespoke, tailor-made itinerary, fully costed including local charter flights and any long-stay and child discounts

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