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Camp Zambezi

Inside Mana Pools National Park


From US$416

Lodge Description

Camp Zambezi is a static camp (mobile camp that does not move) offering rustic luxury set up on the bank of the mighty Zambezi River. Guests can experience the full range of safari activities including game drives, canoeing and walking. With no set itinerary each trip can be customised to the expectations of each individual group. The camp is perfect for those wishing to relax before starting or finishing a canoe safari.

Games drives are in open 4x4 Toyota Land Cruisers. These drives may take you away from the river, to investigate the different inland habitats and the diverse occupants that make up the ecology of the area. Walking to explore and learn about the area, with your Professional Guide it is the best way to experience the incredible diversity of animals, insects and flora at Mana Pools. The guide carries a weapon at all times. Mana Pools can provide some amazing experiences, if guests are looking for close encounters with game. Mana is famous for its bull elephants, and if we are lucky enough to encounter one of these gentle giants on foot, it is an experience never to forget!

Canoeing is a wonderful way to take in the tranquillity of the bush, gliding past herds of animals often unaware or uncaring of our presence. Canoeing is done in 5.5m (18ft) Canadian style canoes, fitted with comfortable seats and cushions.

We are only too happy to cater for guests with any particular special interests, such as birding, photography, botany etc. Please advise us of any special interests prior to arrival. Ideally each guests should have his or her own set of binoculars to maximize the safari experience.

Fishing is also a popular activity from Camp Zambezi particularly towards the end of the dry season – Sept/Oct -when the tiger fish are biting. Camp Zambezi is the perfect launch point each day for the fishing enthusiasts. You can canoe out from the camp each day and explore some of the islands and channels and spend the whole day fishing if you like, without the pressure of having to get to the next canoe camp down river, as per a canoe trail.


Natureways Safaris`

Lodge Details

Property Type

Seasonal Tented Camp






Max. clients in vehicle


Mana Main Airstrip`



Activities Included

Game Drives, Walking Safaris

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