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Ingwe Pan Camp

Inside Mana Pools National Park, Private area


From US$590

Lodge Description

Ingwe Pan Camp nestles alongside a large secluded pan in the pristine Mana Pools National Park, which forms part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The camp is a 30-minute drive from the famed Mana flood plain and Zambezi River and is known for its excellent walking safaris.

Tented dining and social area
The oversized tented deck area forms the social hub of our camps. You can swap stories at the bar, relax in the lounge or gather around the large fire pits to swap stories, fuelling the feeling of being on an authentic African safari in the bush.

Solar energy
We harvest the sun’s energy via solar panels, that store electricity in a battery bank. Our hot water supply is generated by a state of the art Thermodynamic Solar Energy system, which ensures that the camps have hot water, no matter the weather.

Eco-friendly kitchen and food storage
To keep our eco-footprint light, we use energy-efficient fridges in our kitchens, which we turn off at night. We also use coal cold rooms and cellars to store heat-sensitive items.

Dedicated Wi-Fi zone
A holiday in Africa is the perfect place in which to disconnect from the ‘net and connect with friends and nature. We deliberately don’t have Wi-Fi access throughout the camp, but we do have designated Wi-Fi areas if you do need access to the web.

The library
The regions in which we operate are alive with history and local knowledge. In our library, you will find books about popular myths, legends and facts about the local land, the people, plants, animals, insects and more (plus the odd holiday read).

It’s hard to forget that you are in untamed Africa. Each of the canvas tents at Ingwe Pan is equipped with superior quality queen or twin beds, en suite bathrooms with hot running water and his and hers vanities, plus private patio areas with outdoor showers.

Outdoor showers
It is not often that one can shower under the twinkle of the stars (or the bright sun) in complete and total privacy.

Double vanity
A double vanity basin adds to the feeling of home comfort, even though you are thousands of miles away in the heart of nature.

Finest bedclothes
Superior quality mattresses are dressed in natural fabrics and the finest of coverings. Sleeping in the wilds has never been so indulgent.

Sumptuous towels and decadent bath products
Taking a shower after a day of adventure in the wilds reminds one of the simple pleasures in life. We supply locally produced bath products made from organic herbs and absorbent comforting towels.

Electricity and plug points
Each room is fitted with electrical lights, lamps and fans. The 220V International plug points can power charging stations, batteries and sleep apnoea machines but are not suitable for hairdryers and electric shavers.

Staying in a luxury safari tent
Staying in a safari tent immerses you into the wilds without compromising on the comfort and safety of a luxury room. Your ears will tune into the light rustlings of leaves or the distant roar of the mighty king of the veld. The wind gently catches and snaps the canvas and the air is alive with scented bushveld air. Being this close to nature evokes feelings of oneness and belonging. Africa is the birthplace of humankind, and a visit to Machaba Safaris feels like coming home.

Learn more about Game Drives
Early to rise and early to bed
Game viewing is at its best around dawn and dusk. On a typical day, the first game vehicle leaves camp before the sun is up and the second drive heads out into the wilds in the late afternoon. Use the downtime in between drives to relax in the pool, or have a nap before heading out again. The blazing orange and red beauty of an African sunrise or sunset is something one never forgets.

Respect for the wild
Safety is always a priority when out on a game drive. At times your guide may ask you to remain quiet, calm, stay seated and keep your limbs inside the vehicle. It is also important to resist the urge to reach out and touch a curious creature that has approached the party for a closer look.

Beverages and snacks
It’s surprising how fresh air and adrenalin can really work up an appetite. All of our morning game drives include a tea/coffee break with nibbles and evening drives break for sundowners and snacks. If however, your ranger is on the trail of a something exciting, he may encourage you to skip the break to track down a rare game-viewing experience instead.

Answering the call of nature
A typical game drive is 3 hours or longer, so we recommend that you use the bathroom before you leave. If you do need to answer nature’s call when out on a drive, your guide will show you to the lava – tree (lavatory).


Machaba Safaris

Lodge Details

Property Type

Seasonal Tented Camp






Max. clients in vehicle


Mana Main Airstrip



Activities Included

Game Drives, Walking Safaris

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