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Gomoti Private

Okavango Delta, Private Concession

Luxury Exclusive

From US$5,600

Lodge Description

The exclusive Gomoti Private camp lies in the pristine NG32 concession that spans over 100 000 hectares of the Okavango Delta. Small and luxurious, Gomoti Private is the ideal place in which to experience the Delta’s world-famous plant and animal life. This is an exclusive use camp, and is ideal for those who appreciate privacy and magnificent African wildlife. There are only two luxury canvas tents in the camp, one double tent and one family tent. Both luxury tents contain en-suite bedrooms with modern bathrooms, patio decks and relaxation areas, and romantic outdoor bathtubs and showers. The camp also has a private dining and lounge area including a plunge pool with views of 1000 Palm Island.

Game Drives
The word “safari” conjures up images of open-air vehicles, vast open plains and herds of great animals. A game drive is an iconic way in which take a safari and get in touch with the wilds. Night Safari
Night drives are markedly different from daytime game drives. As the heavy sun dips below the African horizon, the world takes on a different scent, sound and shape. Armed only with red filter night light – the game is on to spot predators hunting or eating, or the rare porcupine or aardvark.

As the Okavango Delta floods with the seasons our safaris take to the waters. Inspired by the people of the past who used traditional wooden mokoros as a form of transport, a modern version of this dugout canoe is a relaxing way to explore the reed-lined waterways and discover smaller creatures you wouldn’t typically see from a vehicle or on foot.

Walking Safari
Nothing heightens the senses like hiking through an area alive with threatening predators. Every sound is amplified, every movement is magnified and the sheer size of large animals is put into perspective when seen up close and on foot. A walking safari is a rich opportunity in which to experience the details of life in the bush – both big and small. Tented dining and social area

The oversized tented deck area forms the social hub of our camps. You can swap stories at the bar, relax in the lounge or gather around the large fire pits to swap stories, fuelling the feeling of being on an authentic African safari in the bush.

Plunge pool
Africa is a sun-drenched country where summer temperatures often reach the high thirties and low forty-degrees Celsius. After a morning safari, counting the passing clouds while floating in a pool or resting on a sun bed is nothing short of sublime.

Spa therapist
Melt into the sounds and heat of the bush as a qualified therapist conducts a relaxing facial or a massage in the comfort of your guest room.

Curio shop
Take a piece of Africa home to your friends, colleagues and others close to your heart. We have a collection of handcrafted mementoes that pay tribute to this one of a kind place.

Dedicated Wi-Fi zone
A holiday in Africa is the perfect place in which to disconnect from the ‘net and connect with friends and nature. We deliberately don’t have Wi-Fi access throughout the camp, but we do have designated Wi-Fi areas if you do need access to the web.

Solar energy
We harvest the sun’s energy via solar panels, that store electricity in a battery bank. Our hot water supply is generated by a state of the art Thermodynamic Solar Energy system, which ensures that the camps have hot water, no matter the weather.

Eco-friendly kitchen and food storage
To keep our eco-footprint light, we use energy-efficient fridges in our kitchens, which we turn off at night. We also use coal cold rooms and cellars to store heat-sensitive items.

Airstrip access
The camp is only a short game drive away from the nearest airstrip, providing game viewing opportunities en route to and from the camp.

The library
The regions in which we operate are alive with history and local knowledge. In our library, you will find books about popular myths, legends and facts about the local land, the people, plants, animals, insects and more (plus the odd holiday read).


Machaba Safaris

Lodge Details

Property Type

Semi-Permanent Tented Camp






Max. clients in vehicle


Shared Airstrip



Activities Included

Day & Night Game Drives, Mokoro, Walking

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