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Little Mombo

Moremi Game Reserve, Private area


From US$2,500

Lodge Description

Through our success in being the first to reintroduce rhino back into the Delta, Mombo and Little Mombo have shown that there is a value to be attached to natural areas and their wildlife, coupled with the benefits that this has had for biodiversity conservation as a whole.

Built under a shady canopy of jackalberry and sausage trees, Little Mombo shares the same island as Mombo, overlooking a floodplain that is host to an astonishing variety of wildlife; the abundance of the Mombo wildlife area has accorded it the name “Place of Plenty.”

Little Mombo is a celebration of our conservation purpose, including the Botswana Rhino Reintroduction Project that takes place here. It combines luxury and service excellence with a celebration of the amazing natural splendour that is the Mombo wildlife area. Renowned as “the Place of Plenty,” the enormous number and variety of wildlife around Little Mombo makes it a hugely sought-after wildlife-viewing destination.

The Mombo Traversing Area is highlighted by the massive concentrations of plains game and predators that live here. These include all the big cats, of which lion sightings are frequent. Leopard, spotted hyaena, large herds of buffalo, elephant, giraffe, blue wildebeest, Burchell's zebra and more abound, while cheetah and wild dog can occasionally be spotted moving through the area. It is here that black and white rhino were first reintroduced into the Delta, to be seen occasionally by a lucky few.

With tents tucked away on the other side of the same island, Little Mombo is a smaller, more intimate version of its sister camp. Built under a shady canopy of jackalberry and sausage trees, overlooking a floodplain regularly visited by herds of herbivores.

Number of Tents
This camp can accommodate 8 guests in total

4 x Tents in total comprising: 4 x twin-bedded luxury tents each with two twin beds.


Wilderness Safaris

Lodge Details

Property Type

Semi-Permanent Tented Camp






Max. clients in vehicle


Private Airstrip



Activities Included

Day Game Drives

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