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Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta stands as the world's largest inland river delta, formed by the expansive spread of the Okavango River. In this captivating ecosystem, vast herds of game gather to embrace the seasonal floods and permanent lakes, seeking respite from the dominating Kalahari Desert in Botswana. The Southern Hemisphere winter witnesses impressive congregations of elephants, buffalo, and antelope, drawing the iconic predators of the African bush.

This water wonderland offers a unique experience at its heart, where dugout canoes allow silent glides along the waterways. Guided by traditional "Polers," visitors can observe game from this distinctive vantage point, encountering a plethora of birdlife and river-dwelling creatures like the elusive Sitatunga antelope, hippos, and ever-present crocodiles. On the dry floodplains, specially modified 4x4 vehicles facilitate up-close encounters with plains animals, providing fantastic photographic opportunities and insights into wildlife behavior guided by expert knowledge.

Accommodations are categorized into Classic Camps (Most Affordable), Luxury Camps (Mid-Range Luxury), Premier Camps (High-End Luxury), Family Camps (Focused on families and couples), and Exclusive options (includes all rooms and private activities).

Rates are per person, per night sharing (Exclusive is per camp, per night), during the low season, excluding transfers. Payment is accepted in £Sterling and €uro's at current exchange rates. Children receive varying discounts based on the season and operator. For a fully costed, bespoke itinerary, including local charter flights and any long-stay and child discounts, please reach out for personalised assistance.

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